A Path of Joyful Awakening


An Introduction to Buddhist View and Practice for Anyone Serious about Being Happy.

Presented by Keith Rowan

Every Thursday from 7.15 pm. to approx. 8.45 pm starting March 7th. for 8 weeks (to April 25th.)

This is a course designed to help anyone who is interested in understanding the Buddha’s teaching and, step by step, to embark on the path of joyful liberation. It is a way to start at the beginning. But beginning doesn’t mean unimportant or ineffective. The issues to be explored and the practices we will undertake together are profound and powerful at the beginning, middle and end of the path. Therefore the classes can be of benefit for anyone who is prepared to open to the task.

Buddhism is not about belief but about authentic discovery of what makes things tick motivated by a wish to see all existence established in happiness free from difficulty.

Each class will be a mixture of study, discussion and meditation practice. Participants will be required to commit to every class and be prepared to do some study and practice in between. Nothing too arduous!

The course is offered by Keith Rowan. Keith has had a lifetime engaged with Buddhism and has had the good fortune to be directly guided by some wonderful instructors and mentors. His enthusiasm and confidence in the Buddha’s teaching can be infectious so beware J

If this appeals to you, please register your interest with Keith as soon as possible : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any questions you may have can also go to Keith.

This course is given for free.

Any support you may want to give to the Nelson Buddhist Centre through the offering bowl at the door is an affirming act of generosity.