Study and Practice Group

Every Sunday, see our calendar of events for session times (they vary).

Each week we will start with a 45+ minute meditation practice, followed by a study/discussion group. You are welcome to join in even if you missed the earlier sessions.

Skilful Patience

Our emotional world can be one of delight but also of torment. The Buddha discovered and taught that our emotional responses to situations, especially painful negative ones, can be altered for the better through our own efforts. The question is how to skilfully apply ourselves to that task.

The answer is to develop Patience. Not grit-your-teeth patience but a naturally arising relaxed attitude based on sensible analysis of what is going on.

Each week we will study, verse by verse, the wonderful teachings from the book ‘Bodhisattvacaryavatara’ - The Guide to the Way of Life of a Bodhisattva by the great Indian Buddhist teacher, Shantideva. Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche requested in his last message to us that we do this study. That aside, the ideas given by Shantideva are for the most part not even "Buddhist." They are fresh and relevant for anyone wanting to train to overcome negative emotional responses and the damage they cause to ourselves and those we meet with.

Everyone is welcome to join but we ask that attendees are able to commit to attending regularly each week. You can come to either one or both parts of the programme.


1st hour  - Refuge Prayers and Vajrasattva Purification practice.

2nd. hour -  Study/discussion

Cost: Donation at the door. Free to members.


Lama Mark




All About Bodhicitta


Lama Mark Webber


 March 30th to April 1st 2018




Please join us for a rich weekend of teachings from Lama Mark Webber on the essential topics of understanding Bodhicitta, Emptiness and Tonglen (Sending and Receiving). These teachings are open to all.

When:       Friday 30th March: 7:00 pm9pm  Saturday March 31st & Sunday April 1st: 9:30am—11.30am & 2:30pm—4:30 pm

Contact:    Lara Cusdin at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Costs:       $15 per session (or $50 for the weekend) plus Donation/Koha/Dana for Lama                        Mark.


The Lama gives his time & wisdom freely. Please give as generously as you are able.


General: Bring your lunch for the weekend sessions if you wish. Bring pen and paper for notes. Tea/coffee and water is available in the centre kitchen.

Friday Evening, March 30th 7-9pm: Teaching, explanations and meditations on the nature of Bodhicitta, the union of compassion and emptiness. Bodhicitta is the search for primordial wisdom, the enlightenment mind. Lama Mark gives a talk on this most important aspect of all Buddhist teachings and meditations, including understanding the vast view of emptiness.

Saturday morning, March 31st 9:30am—11.30am: Reading transmission of Khunu Lama Gyaltsen’s 356 verses in praise of Bodhicitta, The Jewel Lamp.[1] Bodhicitta is infinitely vast and astounding in its manifestations, yet has a singular nature of complete wisdom mind. In order to illuminate this natural quality for meditation and realization, Lama Mark will give a reading transmission of the 1959 text, The Jewel Lamp, composed by Khunu Lama.

Lunch break

Saturday afternoon, March 31st 2:30 — 4:30 pm: A reading transmission of the Praise to Mañjuśrī (Gang-lo-ma), with some brief explanation. Followed by commentary, explanations and meditations based on selected verses of the Jewel Lamp, verses in praise of bodhicitta from the morning’s reading transmission.

Sunday Morning April 1st 9.30-11.30am: A group meditation session of Tonglen (giving and receiving). Tonglen is taught and practiced within all schools and lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. It is a profound yoga and at the heart of most sadhana practices. Questions and answers regarding this practice.

Lunch break

Sunday April 1st 2.30- 4.30pm: The weekend of teachings will finish with a reading transmission of Je Gampopa’s Precious Garland of the Sublime Path.[2] This text, composed in the 11th century by one of Tibet’s greatest masters, is 28 sections of pithy advice to all Vajrayana practitioners. Not only are the text words of enlightened guidance, but it contains the most essential pith instructions for Mahamudra practice and every aspect of life’s journey as a spiritual being. Lama Mark will give detailed commentary, especially of some difficult to understand passages. Included will be a brief, integrated summary of practices for all Vajrayana practitioners, recently written by Lama Mark.


Lama Mark (Lama Yongdu Chokyi Gyaltsen) has been studying and teaching Buddha-dharma for over forty years. For thirty years his main root teacher was the great Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche who taught all three cycles of the Buddha’s teachings, including Abhidhamma, Vipassana in the lineage of Mahāsi Sayādaw, generation and completion stage practices of the Tantrayana and Mahamudra/Dzogchen of many lineages, especially of the Karma Kagyu and Sakya. More recently under the guidance and request of Drikung Lho Ontul Rinpoche, Lama Mark has been teaching principally the richness of the Drikung Mahamudra and Drikung Yangzab Dzogchen traditions.

Lama Mark has a deep and long term interest and collaboration in a number of scientific fields and the arts which he integrates with the teaching of Buddhism.

His compassionate activities demonstrate a profound commitment to freeing beings from innumerable suffering states. Lama Mark’s emphasis with practitioners and students is on uncovering pure Dharma to reveal its extraordinary benefits and share the great joy of its deep study, meditative practices and integration into all aspects of our lives.

For more information about Lama Mark please see:

[1] Available as: Vast as The Heavens and Deep as the Sea, verses in praise of bodhicitta. Khunu Rinpoche, Wisdom. Boston.

[2] Printed copies will be made available.




Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche - Update


Rinpoche is still in China and in a remote part hard to communicate with. He sends rare message always assuring us he is well and happy and thinking of us. He will return but we have to be patient.

If you would like to know more about Rinpoche, visit his website by clicking on this link.




For several years there have been concerted efforts to buy a property to house the Nelson Buddhist Centre and some managerial staff. This move would end the NBC's uncertain tenure at Nile Street and create a centre that could be available and operate throughout the day. Many properties have been considered but nothing has quite met the requirements.

The main criterion is that the Centre is located close to Nelson central. The vision is to form a community facility, a place where the Buddha's teaching can be made accessible in an urban setting presented in traditional and contemporary ways.

We now have a sub-committee of enthusiastic volunteers who will be actively searching for a suitable property to buy or lease.